Disability Benefits.

Duty Disability Benefit (In-The-Line-Of-Duty)

If a member is disabled in the line of duty, the monthly benefit is 42% of average monthly earnings at the time that the member became disabled. A member is eligible to receive a duty disability benefit immediately upon beginning service as a fireman.

Non-Duty Disability Benefit

If a member with ten or more years of credited service is disabled for reasons other than in the line of duty, the member's monthly disability benefit is the accrued normal retirement benefit, but in no event can it be less than 25% of average monthly earnings as of the disability retirement date. A member is not eligible for a non-duty disability benefit unless the member has earned ten or more years of credited service.

Disability benefits for either line of duty or non-line of duty injury continue until the member dies, or the date the member is no longer permanently and totally disabled; provided that if a disability retiree dies after having selected an optional joint and survivor annuity or ten year certain an life annuity, the benefit shall be paid to the joint annuitant or beneficiary, as appropriate.

Disability Procedure

In the case of a fireman who becomes disabled, the disability will be measured by whether the member can perform within the classification of the disability. After reviewing a disability application, the Board may require an applicant to submit to an independent medical examination conducted by a physician selected by the Board. A member applying for a disability benefit has the right to request a formal evidentiary hearing at which time reports from doctors will be considered, and the member will have an opportunity to present his or her own evidence in support of an application for disability retirement.

An employee who receives a disability pension can be reexamined by the Board at any time prior to normal retirement age, and if found to have recovered, must resume active service with the Deerfield Fire Department. If an employee recovers, yet refuses reemployment with the City, the disability pension will be terminated. Disability benefits may not be awarded to a member whose employment terminated prior to the member's becoming disabled, nor may a member receive a disability benefit as the result of a self-inflicted injury or any disability resulting from the habitual use of narcotics or alcoholic beverages.

You can download an Application for Disability Retirement Benefits by clicking here or by clicking on the forms link. You may download the complete package or each individual document separately. If you are unable to download the documents, please contact your Plan Administrator, FHA-TPA to obtain a copy of the documents via mail. If you have any further questions regarding the procedures or this benefit, please contact FHA-TPA at 1-800-707-0501 (toll-free) or 954-366-0111 ext. 309 (local).